Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mourning Storm

© By Mary C. Hyzer

The luminous sky is covering up,
as clouds roll quietly in
smokey gray intimidation,
satiated droplets like sin.

The sky once lit
by optimistic light,
watch the clouds move in
with a menacing might.

Pushing people and creatures
back in to their shells,
the darkness envelops
with a story to tell.

The calm days are over
the purity gone,
as the storm sneaks in
just a bit before dawn.

The first wetness falls,
slowly at first
then drenches the lands
insatiable thirst.

Zigzag lightning
escorts claps of earsplitting thunder,
provoking desperate thoughts
and feelings of wonder.

Next comes the downpour,
releasing its rage
slipping so boisterously
from it's cotton-like cage.

Thunder crashes again
not once, but more and more
pushing the people farther inward;
keeps pounding at the door.

But the rain becomes less forceful
and the thunder is subdued,
it slowly lightens up
as most storms eventually do.

The land is now replenished
flowers bloomed and grass so plush
The storm moves on to another place
just as it came; in such a rush

American Poetry