Saturday, June 7, 2008

Facts of Life

"Where did I come from?" young Freddy said
His father choked, whilst his Mother went red
But being prepared for this moment already
His Mother quietly took the hand of young Freddy

And led him away to the quiet of the den
Where she picked up a book made to enlighten young men
Starting off with the birds and then with the bees
She proceeded to lecture with quiet expertise

Progressing to humans to ova and sperm
But noticing that Freddy was not keen to learn
He kept glancing around and looking about
His Mother was worried that she'd left something out

How vast was his knowledge on the subject already?
"Any questions then?" she asked of Young Freddy
"But where did I come from" that's what I mean
My Mate came from Scotland, and his Dad, Aberdeen



I think kids are just hilarious! I have a five-year old kid so I am still "enjoying" that stage where I am often caught off guard with her antics and crazy questions. There are even times when her innocent queries would affect my views about certain aspects of life... then I smile and laugh and hug her! :-)