Thursday, June 5, 2008


Some people think that I'm lazy.
Some people think that I'm not.
But somehow I try to keep writing
With the minimal time that I've got.

The problem is now in the offing.
I'd like to write a lot more.
But time is too short so I waiver
Though It hurts me down to the core.

Dear friends please let me remind you
Before my goof-off days mount
This poem might be a bit short folks
But its really the thought that should count.


I don't really mind working my @%$& out, especially when it challenges me or when I'm at least learning a lot from it. In writing, blogging and similar endeavors however, I have to keep my creative juice flowing - but it's not always as easy or spontaneous as it seems. Perhaps my unconscious mind is telling me to have a break for a while and just let things slide. Trouble is, when I'd follow such creepy advice from something (or someone???) too cryptic and vague, I usually find myself becoming too lazy to go back and use what remains of my brain neurons.

(But then again, I might really be just excusing myself from my sheer laziness! :P)