Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Declutter Happy

Stack it, store it, box it, shelve it,
Throw it, bin it, gift it, repair it,
Recycle, Freecycle, Charity shop or friend
Ebay, Antique shop, bargain ad or mend.

Books, clothes, tools, electronic games and toys,
Guitars, recorders, organs and other noise,
Gadgets old and new, that little black dress,
Ornaments, adornments, paperwork and mess.

Trash or treasure, how do you measure,
Sentiment, attachment, pain or pleasure,
Own it, hoard it, emotional ties,
Deal with it, clear it, open your eyes.

Just in case! What a waste! Ah there it is!
Not seen this for ages! - Just the bizz,
Lose that weight, I remember that date,
This I love and that ....I hate

This is just stuff and you've moved on,
It's belongs in the past - the past is gone,
Catalogue it, photo album. select the best,
Organise and cherish, discard the rest.