Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Prophets said Life was Beautiful

Love lies hidden even in the quietness of the rocks.
And on beaches where no one has yet walked,
or even touched with their dreams.

Love is hidden in cloudy days
and darken skies
just waiting to be discovered
by young lovers, huddled up
in the warmth of each other,
under the branches of an old oak.
They do not need windows to see
that love is a cousin of the wind.
It can be felt but not easily seen.

Look within.
Mysteries are not always solved by looking outside.
There are things that we need never understand
and places we do not need to see or be.
The truth is everywhere - crying out to be found!

The faithful earth
has seen many sunsets
and many dark periods,
yet it keeps spinning around
ever searching for the sun.
That the gift of light,
that forever waits
on the other side of our darkness.

We should be more like our brother earth.
Regardless of how dark it may seem,
we must keep moving towards the light.
Truth will wait for us patiently,
as if, time was not real
nor mattered.

Love, my dear friends is the only truth.
The only light worth turning towards.
The only thing that is real!

by Bill McDonald
Copyright © 1998 Bill McDonald. All rights reserved.


Quackster said...

And I leave with the feeling that truly is uplifting!