Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I said to my friend,
“See her leaning over his arm.?
Yesterday she leaned over my arm.”
And he said:
“Tomorrow she will lean over mine.”
And I said,
“See her sitting at his side,
And yesterday she sat at my side.”
And he said:
“Tomorrow she will sit at mine.”
And I said,
“Don’t you see her drinking from his cup?
And yesterday she sipped from mine.”
And he said:
“Tomorrow she will drink from mine.”
And I said,
“Look at how she glances at him with eyes
full of love!
And with just such love, yesterday
she glanced at me.”
And he said:
“Tomorrow she will glance at me likewise.”
And I said,
:Listen to her whispering songs of
love in his ear.
And yesterday she whispered the same songs
in mine.”
And he said:
“Tomorrow she will whisper them in mine.”
And I said,
“Look at her embracing him; and
yesterday she embraced me.”
And he said:
Tomorrow she will lie in my arms.”
And I said,
“What a strange woman she is!”
And he said:
“She is Life.”

- Kahlil Gibran


Nick Grimshawe said...

I loved the Kahlil Gibran poem. He is one of my favorite poets. I love the look of your blog. I discovered you in BlogCatalog.



YogaforCynics said...

Cool poem. I've just recently started reading Khalil Gibran, though friends have been shocked that I don't know him for years (then, maybe that's just the contrarian in me that I'm trying to overcome...)....

silent storm said...

Kahlil Gibran is actually one of my favorites too. I especially like his poem, "ON CHILDREN." :)

Thanks for the compliment Nick.

Yoga for Cynics, I'm glad you finally discovered his works. I've posted other poems by Kahlil Gibran in this blog btw. :)

Thanks for the visit guys :)