Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Era

The new era has begun.
This is an era of peace and prosperity, and light everywhere.
In each heart is hope, aspiration,
a celestial desire to justify its own existence on this planet.
In this era of peace and content...
all have there own dreams and wishes...
And one day this age shall begin.
Where there shall be no losers but only winners.
One day each good heart shall be happy.
Each person will be born equal.
Each one shall have equal resources
and none shall be considered
to be greater than the other.
There shall be no bias of resources and opportunities.
And hence each one would get exactly that which he deserves.
What an age this would be ...
Where god shall dwell in each good man's heart.

by Sagar Patil


Quackster said...

A delightful poem indeed. The hope that it radiates makes me warm. I too wish for this era you speak.